Monday, April 02, 2012


You know how it is. You kind of know the URL of the website you need, but you don't quite remember it. You give it a guess. Often you are right. Once in a while, things go amusingly wrong (provided your employer has very flexible content controls).

Of course, I never really thought about this issue in relation to this site… until last week when I received the following text:

Did you know when you accidentally leave the blogspot out of your address you end up on a site for Russian mail order brides?

No. No, I did not, but it does explain some of my Twitter followers (who are, no doubt, confused as to why they ended up with a nun instead).

Now despite the potential difficulty with branding issues down the road, I actually found this to be hilarious, if for no other reason than the fact that I have an academic background in that region, so the Russian aspect brings a nice symmetry. As for the "mail order brides" part: can you think of a person less likely to be associated with this type of enterprise? Though, I suppose I can see the wisdom of arranged marriage—particularly if it gets you out of the dreadful dating process.

Anyway, think of this as a PSA. Type carefully, kids (unless you are thinking of buying a wife, that is)!


Helen said...

Maybe this is the new career you have been searching for! You do have a lot of single friends, you know.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

Have a feeling that selling you guys off is not entirely legal. hmmmmm