Monday, April 09, 2012

And the Universe Laughs Again

My year of experimentation is just days away from coming to a close. It is stunning to me how fast time has gone by and a little frightening. I had hoped that by now people would be throwing money at me because I'd already become this much sought after writer/producer/travel blogger/modern-day philosopher. I haven't given up that hope (and I do have a few days left for that to happen within the one year deadline).

But here comes the glitch… that tiny piece of temptation that the universe just loves throwing my way: a competing law firm is hiring for the job I used to do. Almost a year to the day, a job I know I can do, that would probably pay me more than I was getting paid before (and I didn't complain about my old salary), is up for grabs.

Nearly a year to the day this comes to my attention—when funds are beginning to run lower, dreams of Jimmy Choos are running through my head and opportunities for something else creatively fulfilling have not presented themselves to me.

UGH. You're killing me, universe. You're killing me.




Gerald said...

Take the money and run! Learn to laugh with the universe but keep writing this blog!

Dee Murray said...

You know my addage: just because you take the job doesn't mean you have to keep it. Money is important when things like electricity and rent come in to play.