Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rejected by a Survey

Look, I don't ask for much.

Ok, that's not true. I ask for a lot, but I don't get it, and then I pretend that I'm fine with that. But still, I'm not asking George Clooney to stop dating models for me. I'm just maybe thinking that at some point, I'd like to meet a man with whom I can have semi-interesting conversation. It doesn't even have to be often. I'm an independent woman—I'm not looking for a caregiver, a father figure or a bank roll. But there is a romantic streak deeply hidden inside me (deeply, deeply, deeply hidden). So, when I got a pop-up from another friend on Facebook that had the magic words "soulmate" and "survey" during a long morning at work, I thought, "Why not?"

So, I took the survey called "When will you meet your soulmate?"

I thought it was a valid question since I feel like I've been alive a while now, and that soulmate should be popping up any day now. Also, a girl has to be ready, and I've been putting off getting my roots done, have some upcoming charity events and work keeps threatening to bring me back to New York. I thought for planning purposes alone, I should check to see what soulmate's schedule looks like.

Naturally, I opened the survey and began at the beginning.

Question 1.

Numero uno.

It was just staring me in the face: "When do you want to get married?" Simple enough question—clearly designed by children who still have hope that they have any control over that sort of thing, but a simple enough question. Unfortunately, it was also a question I couldn't answer. You see, the survey had a multiple choice option with a set of age spans. The problem? The oldest age span on the survey was 5 years YOUNGER than I already am. In essence, it was telling me that someone as aged as I am, should have either met the man, or I never actually had shot at meeting him. Either way, I am out of luck. Thanks for playing.




Dee Murray said...

Wow! That sounds a lot like the long-ago 80's "statistic-du-jour" -that a woman over 40 had more of a chance to be struck by lightening than get married! Clearly this survey was created by young women who felt too old (albeit, slightly) to do those little paper folded over finger fortune thingy's and needed a more grown up and scientific way of doing things.

Helen said...

We are clearly being discriminated against here! To be honest though, I think soul mates are for young girls' flights of fancy. All I'm really looking for at this stage of the game is a man capable of the occasional intelligent conversation who will drag the bins to the curb on Wednesday mornings.

bethany said...

What was the oldest age? Out of curiosity?

AngeliStarr said...

Damn that really sucks. It makes me want to look for that "someone" even more. I dont want to be married but I would like a committed relationship that will maybe last for the rest of my life. (Yeah I know Im weird.)

And what was the oldest span btw?