Friday, August 07, 2009

New Rules

I realize this means I'm old, but if you call me, and don't leave a message, in my world that means that you didn't call me. Seriously, for like 15 days I won't know you called, until I'm scrolling through the call log looking for another number because I'm too lazy to go into contacts. It is only then, by the random chance of where your once-upon-a-time call landed, that I will know that you called. At that point, I might wonder why you called. Then I will dismiss it along the lines of "if it was important, he/she/it would have left a message", and I will keep scrolling. I will not call you back. Even if you are David Tennant (my new best friend), I will not call you back. Because as my new best friend, you should know that you must leave a message even though you kid me that the truly "with it" peeps don't leave messages. Clooney, you have been warned.

[Plus, if I found out that I missed George's call 10 days earlier, it would probably take another month just to figure out what to wear when I called him back. No, seriously—these things are important. What if he wanted to pop over to make sure that my ignoring him for weeks was just happenstance and not because I'm annoyed that he seemingly skipped over me in the dating rotation in favor of new girlfriend #1452? A girl has to be prepared.]


P.S. If you want to hear the David Tennant story, part I is up here with part 2 to follow soon (so I'm told):



Penny Lope said...

lolol - let me know when you've figured out the perfect outfit to wear while making the call.
*whistles* as she waits for the second half of the DT story; Kate you risk taker you!

Anasazi said...

ROFLMAO!!! As I'm reading your blog I notice two google ads at the top of it. Imagine to my great amusement that one ad link was to "Older women - 100s of pictures of beautiful single older women" and other ad link was... Wait for it... Wait for it ... The link was "Thong!" "This year's top bikini models!" I know this sounds extremely ageist, but those two phrases should never appear together: older women & thong. My eyes!!!!

Helen said...

Well, I suppose I should confess I've finished the second half of the story. I guess now that you've called me out, I'm going to have to get to posting. Geeze, does no one value the cliff hanger ending anymore? What ever happened to patience as virtue?