Friday, March 02, 2012

Me vs Reality

What all the other women looked like at the screening:

What I looked like:

...only I also had a jacket and pearl earrings.



Carey Hagan said...

Thin dancer chick, I saw you recently on YouTube, so shut it. You look awesome, as always.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LMAO! No seriously! It was more that I looked like I was getting ready to have tea with the Queen, and everyone else looked hip and artsy.

danielletbd said...

I was lamenting something similar yesterday. I need new Hollywood writer, less frumpy "work from home" clothes. Shopping soon? :D

Kate, Dating in LA said...

YES! Shopping is becoming a necessity.

Dee Murray said...

UGH. She needs to eat a sandwich and stand up straight. Oh. And eat a sandwich.