Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It All Started With…


Which led to this:

Which led to this:

In public.

Here's how.

A kind friend has taken me in hand and is trying to help me put together some "taking a meeting" outfits in attempt to at least make me feel comfortable enough in my own skin (and wardrobe) to project a totally false sense of confidence. To this end, we went shopping, and found some accessories that I liked and that would work with our theme (picture #1). I liken my bracelets to Wonder Woman's bracelets which deflected bullets, only mine were designed to deflect disdain and my own self-doubts—practically the same thing. Also, they were purchased at Forever 21 which makes me giggle because apparently, I'm taking that "forever" thing quite literally.

Clad in my new bracelets and other perfectly acceptable casual clothing, I went back to the mall to exchange something and the clerk at a different store commented on how much he liked my bracelets. All of a sudden, I realized that these magical bracelets may have disabled my cloaking device and that I was secretly (very secretly) a super model with impeccable fashion sense (or at least borrowed fashion sense from M who suggested that I buy them).

Fresh off this tiny victory, I swaggered myself to lunch at a local restaurant. Taking my customary table in the corner, I set about trying to come up with a strategic plan for my future. I had no sooner gotten to "1" when I noticed a very attractive man enter the restaurant. He looked at me, and actually saw me. I know this because when he smiled at me, I smiled back and surreptitiously looked over my shoulder to make certain that no one was actually behind me. Nope. Just me. When he sat down, he looked over again. So stunned at the magic of the bracelets, I smiled back slightly bigger—and by slightly bigger, I might mean picture #2.

Unfortunately, when you smile that enthusiastically at someone, they might get the impression that: a) they know you, but can't place you, or b) you are crazy. By the look of confusion on his face, I'm guessing both of those things were true. His response led to picture #3.

I was clearly overwhelmed—no, not just whelmed, but over. These bracelets are powerful, and as Spiderman's dad told him: with great power, comes the great responsibility of not confusing attractive men in restaurants (perhaps that is a paraphrase).

I can only imagine what is going to happen when I don the shoes.


Sandi said...

Love this. Isn't it amazing what certain accessories will do for us. Currently my favourite thing in the world are my blue shoes.

They make me feel like I could conquer the world.

But then they start to hurt my feet and I realise that I couldn't take on the world with cramped up toes.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LOL!! It is hard to really rock the super hero thing with cramped up toes-- still, you look good.

Carey Hagan said...

The other day, I was walking around, thinking I was wearing a somewhat hip (for me, which isn't saying much) outfit. When I got home, I realized I had bird poop on my shoulder/back the entire day. No one bothered telling me. That was my accessory. Go figure.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

Oh no!!! Carey, I would have told you. Clearly, you need to move to LA. :)

Meghan said...

I. love. this! :)

Kate, Dating in LA said...

@Meghan You are going to get me noticed-- this is clearly a very dangerous thing.

nahid said...

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