Sunday, February 24, 2008

Better Than Sex 3

Just remember that I warned you. The video is awful! Sorry! It's cute, but it looks like I was having a fit when I taped it. It's because I was holding it above me, and my arm was shaking :)

But here it is. By the way, I think you should hit youtube to see the better shots of this stuff. There are some great videos out there.

People have asked about the Teaser. I did not record the teaser. They asked us not to, so I didn't. I know, I know, that whole "following the rules" thing. If you just cannot live without seeing it, I'm sure it's still on youtube (someone captured it from the big screens and uploaded it), although I'm also willing to bet that Fox will want that removed at some point.

One thing about the Teaser version that someone captured-- it is missing the very beginning. It's not much in terms of number of frames, and you don't lose anything except the one thing that made it sort of funny. We had been entertained by videos in between the panels periodically (sort of keep us from creating havoc theory, I think). The Fox guy came out and said, "ok, take a look at this". So, we weren't really sure what we were seeing. And then the footage began with what I can only describe as "thumping". As the camera comes up, we could see the row of men, and it was an immediate recognition in the audience that we were seeing movie footage. The roar that was the reaction from the people watching was incredible. Frank, Chris, Gillian and David were still backstage somewhere. I don't know if they realized how crazy people went. People yelled and cheered when David and Gillian appeared in the frames, but the crowd was absolutely beside themselves when it the footage first started. It was wild.


Sarah said...

I still get chills when I watch that YouTube teaser. Its like being there all over again.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

I was telling a friend of mine tonight that the first time I'm in a theater and hear the X-Files theme music on a trailor, I will probably scream. She's a little afraid to go see movies with me now. Ha!