Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When the Moon in the Sky...

Saturday night saw the rise of two anticipated events:  Super Moon and pizza/game night.  The Super Moon you probably read about, but pizza/game night wasn't just an "eat pizza while playing games" kind of experience.  No! We actually made our own pizzas.

Now I can't cook. Scratch that. I don't cook often. I find that I get half way through the process and my attention wanders. This leads to burning things (like pans), and inedible debris. I also find myself very excited about the creation at minute one, but by minute nine, I'm over it and no I'm longer hungry.  So, I had my reservations about this process.  But I approached it with a great willingness to create a mess.  In fact, that is an excellent representation of what happened, though I found my pizza quite tasty. My compatriots were far more skilled-- in fact one gentleman's efforts earned him applause from the entire group. Perhaps with more practice I'll get there (but I wouldn't count on it).

My friends and I enjoy kismet-y things, so when we found out that Super Moon was the same night as the gathering, we immediately set our alarms so we wouldn't miss it. At 8:30, all of us headed for the lawn to start taking pictures of the incredibly bright moon. We take so much for granted day-to-day that it thrilled me to see eight adults excited like school kids over the moon. Sure, some might say that serenading the neighbors with Blue Moon was slightly over the top, but I think it was inspired (and brief enough that no police were involved).

Sadly, my camera wasn't powerful enough to bring in any truly award-worthy pics.  However, I thought the moonlight shimmering in the slightly spooky nighttime mist deserved capturing no matter the equipment.

Did you take any great pics?  Share!

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