Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For Love and Other Adventures

As I’ve been dragged into the modern digital age (slowly), the idea of online dating continues to arise. I still prefer the idea of having my friends provide introductions (and references and background checks and blood tests and …). However, I know so many people who have jumped on the online dating wagon, it’s hard to ignore—particularly since I have friends, both male and female, who have met their spouses that way. So, despite my reservations, I do recognize that it is possible to find love in what used to be an unconventional way (but is clearly here to stay for the foreseeable future). Plus, something like one in every five relationships starts online these days, so I can only live in denial for so long.

I still don’t think it’s easy. After all, many services use your photo as the first jumping off point, which means it actually puts more emphasis on looks than if you were to work with someone or even meet him at a party.  The photo you use better convey all of your personality (like this guy):

Otherwise, I think you need to be an extremely hot 22 year old if you hope to get anywhere—which may be why World Wide Lovers is becoming the front line for the truly enterprising and lovelorn.

It does make a certain amount of sense—Video lets you inject a little bit of whimsy (or gravitas, I suppose) into the process where a photo might not cut it. And speaking of wild, adventurous and unexpected, I do believe that Ashton Kutcher might just be looking for you:

I feel like I've met all of those men, and I do have a soft spot for poets (though, Nigel does look super bendy, so I suppose that could be useful for those of you who are truly looking for adventure... and are also limber and not worried about pulling hamstrings).

So click on the video and pick your man-- and then tell me about it because really my best dating has been done vicariously through you all. 

(And if all dating were as entertainingly outrageous as these videos, I might just do it.)

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