Thursday, April 07, 2011

Blind Date

I have agreed… wait for it… to be set up on a blind date… sort of.

I know. My life is all topsy-turvy and unexpected these days. Black is white. Cats are dogs. Structure and atrophy are swapping places regularly in my mind.

As all things do that are good and pure, this idea started on a bet between a friend and I. She claims that under the right circumstances, I would succumb to a particular gentleman's charms and agree to a date (or in the case that he ends up being the reluctant one—I would then be madly intrigued and pursue him). Being open-minded, I countered that this notion was nonsense because the right conditions would never be present (and both of us are way too passive to pursue anything, let alone each other).

She believes I win by losing. I believe I win by winning because I'd be perfectly happy just being buddies with this guy—also losing seems unlikely.

She has three months to make this magic happen.

Stay tuned.


P.S. Have any of you agreed to be set up by a friend? Has it ever been anything but a complete disaster (she says with her mind still completely open and accepting of the possibilities)?


danielletbd said...

This doesn't specifically apply as a traditional blind date, but I have often turned up to things where a friend will say "oh there's someone here I want you to meet" and I find that it can really go either way. If a friend really knows you well, and assuming you're honest with your friend about the kind of relationship you'd be open to, he or she can have great success in matching you up. But if it's a more casual acquaintance or the friend just gets blinded by the idea of playing matchmaker and doesn't actually think about the specific people, then it can be a comedy of errors.

Dee Murray said...

I was set up by a friend's mother: "He's FABULOUS!!! A handsome Shaun Cassidy!" (am I dating myself here?) Anywho....We get to the restaurant and it's all about him. Being bored to tears I order a second vodka cranberry ("Well, you sure sucked that first one down fast enough") and then he looked at the menu and proceeded to hand it back to the waiter. I politely "ahem'ed" and he looked at me with suprise and said "OH!! I thought you weren't eating because you look like you need to lose a few pounds." Check, please! Yeah. I'd rather find a date on Craigslist than go through that again.