Monday, February 07, 2011

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

I received an email letting me know that this blog has been named among the 50 Best Relationship Blogs (I'm #7 in the main list) by Guide to Online Schools.

Clearly, I do not deserve this... particularly since I haven't written consistently in ages. However, they have called me "witty" and I think we all know that I can be easily swayed by flattery. So, please be prepared to refer to me as "that awesome blogger", "winning blogger", "noted blogger" and "lucky #7" before bowing to me when we meet on the street (which we will obviously never do because I don't like leaving the house).

To check out their entire list, including the kind words they say about moi, head on over here:

Now... who has a dating story to share?



Helen said...

Ooh. Does that mean I should be tweeting things like "having lunch with noted blogger, Kate" and such to make msyelf seem more important?

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LMAO! Yes! Especially if you are linking to the blog when you do it. Single girl needs some coin-- and she doesn't do nudity and or any of that icky sexy stuff. ;p