Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Precise Girls II

Following my ladies of leisure lunch on Friday, Pen and I hit Abbot Kinney for a little wistful window shopping. Wistful not because we couldn't afford some of the offerings, but because we realized that everything required far more style than either of us had. Naturally, this led back to the "Precise Girls" post and the following question, "Is it too late for us to become Precise Girls?"

As I mentioned before, I've chased this dream through most of my youth before giving it up along with other frivolous things like lacey ankle socks and hope. So, I was reluctant to revisit an idea so riddled with teenage angst. But also intrigued. Could I walk away from the seductive tendrils of precision already trying to wrap themselves around my heart? I could practically hear the whisper, "This time, you could be good enough."

When Pen and I parted, the idea had taken hold. We were very nearly excited about something. We just haven't quite figured out the how to go about this yet. I'm guessing it's going to start with some cleaning.

Precise Girls Don't…

  • Go two years without painting over water stains from a leak on their ceiling
  • Have old paint cans in a box because they couldn't find the hazardous waste recycling center
  • Count chocolate as a legitimate food group
  • Count pizza delivery as cooking
  • Have to wonder what happened to their damn sunglasses! (ahem)
  • Have pants two inches too long because they are too lazy to get them tailored
  • Step over things strewn across the floor instead of putting things away
  • Seriously consider sending pictures of their toenails into Ripley's
  • Have piles of paper everywhere all the time
  • Leave their dry cleaning at the cleaners for so long that it goes up for auction
  • Keep broken electronics forever
  • Don't make panicked calls to eyebrow artists because everything is properly maintained at all times
  • Hyperventilate during bathing suit season because appropriate exercise takes place all year
  • Don't rock back and forth when confronted with specialized dress codes on invitations—they always have just the perfect thing
  • Live in a one bedroom apartment, unless it is their second home in a much traveled to city
  • Wonder if they'll ever date again—they married their college sweethearts after an appropriate waiting period post-graduate education
  • Worry about having children—they gestated a human when they designated it to be time

Yeah. This could be a challenge.


P.S. The name of my second book is now "Precise Girls Don't..."

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Anasazi said...

Did you actually even LIKE any of these precise girls that you knew back in the day? They don't sound precise, they sound self-absorbed and annoying :p