Monday, September 07, 2009

Trick or Treat

When I was a little kid, I didn't know about the fight to stop child trafficking. I loved to read, so the idea that there were kids in my country who didn't have access to books or education generally, didn't occur to me as a possibility. When I was younger, I didn't know that there would be an appeal to save women and children from the fighting in Yemen—truth be told, I doubt I knew what Yemen was at 8. And I thank God that I didn't know what rape was, nor about an ongoing campaign to protect children from ever having to find out what it is.

I didn't know any of these things, but I did know that there was an organization out there that helped children all around the world—and that meant I wanted to help UNICEF, too. So, my painfully earnest self grabbed my little cardboard box and trick-or-treated for UNICEF. My collections never amounted to much; probably not more than $20 even in really industrious years. But $20 in change to a 7 year old, at least back then, looked like a fortune.

I'll admit, as I grew older, my focus changed, monies went elsewhere, and unless there was a natural disaster somewhere I wouldn't give UNICEF much of a thought. Imagine my surprise when I once again ran into UNICEF in the hands of my muse, David Duchovny. If that's not synergy, what is?

The IBG charity group has worked periodically with team Duchovny in support of their fundraising efforts. As is the custom, IBG asked if there was a particular charity David would like to be the focus of an awareness campaign as a thank you for his support. David chose UNICEF.

With that in mind, IBG is raising money for UNICEF during the month of September. You can donate via paypal here:

If you were once a supporter and fell off the bandwagon like I did, think about dropping in a donation for the campaign. If you've never donated a dime to the fund, but think that you'd like to help now, go for it! No amount is too small.

Want to know what the bonus is? If you are a fan of David Duchovny, IBG is giving donors an opportunity to send David a note. It doesn't have to be about UNICEF. If you love Californication, and want him to know it, send a note along with your donation. Always a big X-Files fan? Drop in your donation, and let him know. Notes can be included with your donation in the "notes" section on your paypal donation. Or you can send your note to: with "Donation to UNICEF/Note" in the subject and attach your donation receipt. Please keep in mind that all notes will be reviewed, and he will not be told what your donation is (unless you include it in your note). Also, you aren't required to send him a note if you just want to submit a donation. Donations for US taxpayers are tax deductible.

And yes, I am making a small donation. I haven't dressed for Halloween in a very long time, and I'm pretty sure I never did it in September. But this year, I'll be channeling my inner child and sending a treat to UNICEF. The only question is whether or not my note will start with "Dear Mr. Duchovny", "Dear David", or "Dear Late Night Inspiration". Ok, fine. I'd never be that bold even in print. But I'll be thinking it.


Rosietoes said...

Hey Kate,

I think I may have met my match as far as "fanzination" of DD/GA goes. I would like to make a donation to DD's favorite charity, but my knowledge of the workings of a computer is marginal at best. Is there a way one can make a donation through snail mail under the same conditions?

I read the rest of your blog and understand your inability to speak when you finally meet a favorite star. I met GA three times after attending her theatre shows in London. I was speechless. She actually recongnized me the second time I attended WTNIF and I still couldn't squeeze out anything but a strangled "Hi". Ah, lost opportunities. Never have been fortunate enough to see DD in person.


Kate, Dating in LA said...

@Rosietoes, I'm not sure about the alternate methods. I'd email Karen Mendez over at IBG (, and see. :)

As for the fan thing, it does make things worse for me. I'm very quiet and avoid strangers under the best of conditions. So, despite seeing Duchovny fairly often at one point, I've never been able to work up to actual conversation outside of pleasantries. I'm going to have to write something and memorize it in order to get me moving in the right direction!

Very cool that you got to see Gillian on stage!

Rosietoes said...


If I did write something out I probably wouldn't be able to find it in my purse. Thanks for the fast response. I'll try Karen.

steev said...

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