Monday, October 27, 2008

Bonnie Hunt Show

Bonnie did a recent segment on her new talk show where she was reunited with an old crush. Apparently, she had been talking on the show about a man she used to see in the old neighborhood. Her producers were let loose (those rapscallions!), and they end up reuniting her not just with the old crush, but all the guys in that crew on the show.

The experience was so great for her, that she has decided that she wants to do it for viewers. If you have an old crush, old flame, old casual object of daydreaming desire, she would like you to write in to her show at and give her the details.

Wow. Hands up if you think I could really get myself into trouble with this. I mean, what if I said I had a crush as a younger woman on … um… George Clooney. ;) She never specified that it had to be a person with whom I spent significant time. It’s not like he and I haven’t had some interaction. I spent some long shooting days on the same set as the delightful Mr. Duchovny. Does that count? I took Pen to see Alex O’Loughlin at Paley, so technically I spent several hours with him, too. Also, I have spent countless hours watching the work of these fine men. It just seems wrong to discount all of those positive memories in favor of a technicality.

Now if you want to be a stickler for the rules (whatever), I’m not sure who I would pick. I’m fairly certain it would be a bad idea to select any of my actual ex-boyfriends—either because there were excellent reasons to get the hell away from them, or because they have since married (and wives just don’t seem to embrace these reunions for some reason). I outgrew most of my teen crushes within days/weeks regardless of the circumstances. I’m sure there were some school girl crushes, but I can’t even remember those names.

How about you guys? If she continues to unfairly discriminate against uniting us with celebrity crushes, is there someone (or several someones—I don’t judge… ok, I totally do, but not in this case) who you’d submit? Because if there is, you need to go to right now and submit your story. I need to live vicariously through you.



danielletbd said...

OMG I'm totally submitting my story about Jensen. It's not like we didn't meet a long time ago, we just never hung out. But hey, isnt that the point of crushes? You admired from afar... I'll let you know how it goes

Kate, Dating in LA said...

OMG! That's brilliant. I'm pretty sure this makes you my hero. Fingers crossed!!!

Dee Murray said...

LOL!! Wow. My huge crush was my 8th grade art teacher...I'd never look him up, though...I did once about 15 years ago and he was still waiting to do all those things he said he was going to do when I was a kid. It was really sad that he just talked the talk and never was the guy he said7he was...I'd be so afraid that he'd be this huge disappointment to me. I'm keepin' the crush in the past!