Saturday, June 21, 2008

LA Film Fest: Finance Seminar

I'm on a lunch break right now at the Los Angeles Film Festival Finance Conference. So far, some very interesting information about the state of the independent film world, as well as financing options/opportunities. Double bonus points because the fest is in air conditioned theaters-- a must given the near fact of the billion degree heat we're having right now. No, seriously, I'm pretty sure it is actually a billion degrees.

Triple bonus points because I've just figured out where all the men in Los Angeles are. Apparently, they are all producers looking for film funding, and this conference is acting as a beacon summoning them all home.


For those of you who have asked about the X-Files event tomorrow-- yes, I do plan on going. There are some potentail obstacles, but I am planning on going. I'm hoping to get some good pictures and some video (or at least video of the fans before the event). Even if we're not allowed to take pictures, I'm still looking forward to spending an hour or two listening to Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and the delectable David Duchovny. There really isn't a downside to that.

Hopefully, I'll see you guys there!


Joe Hotcuppa said...

That made me think:
If I were dating in L.A. and
needed to lie about what I do
for a living in order to get a
date, Independent Film Producer
seems like it might be close
to the top of the list of cool
professions. I wonder if anyone
has made such a list. Someone
must have. At the bottom of that
list would be, of course,

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LOL! Unfortunately, Independent Film Producers are a dime a dozen out here. Engineer would be far more interesting-- or at least unique enough to generate conversation.

Helen said...

Also, "Independent Film Producer" reads "Unemployed" in LA whereas engineer conjures images of a guy who is not only gainfully employed, but mechanically inclined as well. Bonus points for sure.

Joe Hotcuppa said...

You guys are kidding, right?
Engineering a cool profession?
Nah, you almost had me going
for a second there.