Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paley Fest: The Recovery

Thank God I didn’t have to go to work today. I would have just spent all day online checking out fan reactions to the trailer, the montage, the panel, how incredibly hot Nick Lea is (please add him to my list of favorite distractions), and to see if Paley ( had added their highlights video yet. Happily, I can do that at home, instead. J

Some things I probably forgot to mention in my delirium last night (did you notice I was up way past my bedtime?):

1. Mitch is really funny (and pretty darn attractive himself). There was one exchange early on that went something like this (not exact quotes, sorry, my note taking skills need work!)

Cynthia: Why now for the follow up feature?
Carter: Because Fox said now or never. So, we said now. And we’re really glad we did. We just finished filming 10 days ago, and that was a huge undertaking. We were running for our lives.
Mitch: You guys are doing another movie?
Carter: We only asked the popular characters (quite obviously kidding)
Bowman: Well, if I didn’t direct it, and David [Nutter] didn’t direct it, who directed it?

It was a pretty funny exchange all the way through, and it remained a running joke throughout the evening.

2. The love these writers, directors and actors have for the show was really something. It’s almost as though they had come through some sort of great battle together. I’ve certainly read theories by fans about the relationships of the behind-the-scenes people and Carter, but there seemed to be a genuine affection and bond based on what they created together. Also, Carter gave some serious shout-outs to the Morgan and Wong team, as well as some incredible production teams. He seemed absolutely sincere in his appreciation for everyone’s contribution over the years. Rob Bowman at one point said that “everyone up here was Chris’ biggest fan”.

3. I liked the moderator. She got in some pretty good one-liners during the evening. I mentioned the one about William last night. I think one of my favorites was during a conversation with Chris about where we are going to “be” in the movie.

Carter: You’re six years down the road, and we’re true to the passage of time. Mulder and Scully would have lived those six years since the show ended.
Cynthia: In a New Mexico hotel room?

It got a pretty big reaction because it seemed like the majority of the people there would be just fine if most of the movie took place in that hotel room.

4. I feel an irrational need to apologize to Glen Morgan. I wasn’t online back when the show started. In fact, I didn’t really discover the fandoms until long after the fact. And while I did loathe (with the rage of a thousand burning suns) the episode Never Again, I felt badly that the online fandom could, at times, be vicious. I hope at some point, he felt the love, too.

5. Pretty amusing exchange between Nick and Dean. Nick had been talking about how great the show was for giving him a chance to do things he’d never done before (and somewhat since).

Nick: (after describing his scene running from the exploding car) It’s not every day that you get to do that kind of stuff.
Dean: You don’t get to do that on Kyle KY?
Nick: (after much laughter) Yeah, I do porn now.

6. How much did you guys want to hug Paul Rabwin? He spoke a number of times about how everything came down to Mulder and Scully—that an episode worked, or didn’t work, based on the quality of their story within the episode.

7. Carter: “I’m not going to admit to my regrets.” LOL! Chris, it’s the same thing I say about my love life.

8. Me to Dee: “OMG, this is the real trailer” and then the screaming as the little piece of the theme music started to play. The trailer definitely leads you through a dark and scary story with some very intense Mulder and Scully action. Of course, it immediately sparked debate about the state of their particular union, but I’m absolutely still taking the day off on the 25th of July to find out more.

9. It was very cool to see Bill Roe in the audience. I’d love to be able to hire this guy one day. Let’s start a collection now!

10. As much as we can get caught up in whatever issues we may have had with the show, Paley and WonderCon events really do show that we love them. We are so incredibly grateful to them for creating the show and for continuing with the story of these two amazing characters.

More pictures once my brain un-fogs.



danielletbd said...

Hmm maybe I should interview YOU about fan culture...

and ps there is nothing wrong with surfing the net all day for pop culture/film/tv news. That's all I do.

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LOL!! As long as it's pop culture that has its roots in the happenings of 10-15 years ago, I'm your girl.

Cari Turley said...

Hi Kate! This is Cari...I met you in line last night and filmed that little thing about how I used to read the XF books at the library before I was old enough to watch. You have some great pictures!

Kate, Dating in LA said...

Hi! It was great meeting you last night. Did you end up asking for autographs at the end?

Cari Turley said...

I did! I got a picture with Chris (who also signed my DVD) and autographs from Darin, David, Mitch, and Dean! :)

Kate, Dating in LA said...

That's great!! I thought about it, but my natural instinct to run and hide took over. :) I should be uploading the videos soon!