Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paley 2

Just got back from the fest, and I had a great time. I met so many people, and I hope to put the fan video interviews up later tomorrow.

The highlights:

1. Got to see the full trailer. I'm sure it's up on the web by now which is key because it was very intense. I can't wait to see this movie!

2. The William question was addressed (God bless Cynthia). Chris Carter's answer to the question:

Cynthia: Baby William. Happy go lucky kid in Wisconsin, or is he setting cornfields on fire with his eyes? Give us a hint.

Chris: "It will not go unconsidered in the movie". To me, this means that the William issue wont be ignored.

3. You can't imagine our reaction seeing Mitch, Nick and Dean, again. In fact, I may have girlie screamed when I realized Nick was sitting behind us (across the aisle so when I turned my head, there he was). And I so do not girlie scream.

4. We got an amazing chance to see and hear about the process of creating the show which was a huge thrill for me.

5. They showed a montage of X-Files moments over the years, and the audience went absolutely mad for the more... um... personal moments between Mulder and Scully. You certainly couldn't tell where our minds were. ;)

I'll start pulling down pictures and post them just in case you guys are interested.

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