Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One of Those Internet Surveys

I haven't sat down with one of these random internet surveys in a while. Lucky you! Now, let's see…

  1. Do you do anything in private that would shock your friends?
    LOL! Oh yeah, but probably not what this question had in mind. It's Broadway up in here. Seriously, the door closes, and I'm singing, dancing and graciously accepting the roses thrown at my feet. I'm really a dynamic performer and have quite a career in my mind.
  2. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
    Them running away.
  3. Strangest thing you've seen on Twitter?
    That's difficult because I see a lot of strange things on Twitter. For instance, I think it's incredibly strange when porn stars follow me (and also, could you please stop putting your vagina in your profile icon—ick). I will say that I just ran across a twitter profile called @duchovnysdick (it showed up in one of those helpful "people you might want to follow" kind of twitter suggestions). After I stopped laughing from pure shock, I will admit that I clicked on it. I had this perverse idea that someone had created a twitter profile that would tweet as though his penis was actually chatting (sort of a variation on the dogs chatting with each other). Sadly, it was not what I thought it was.
  4. Ever been given an engagement ring?
    Screw you.
  5. First friend you'd call if you won the lottery?
    I would have to say Pen because I feel like she would take an immediate sick day to drive to Sacramento with me (and protect the ticket from poachers). Secretly, my second call would be to Colin Firth's agent. With that kind of money, I could cast him something and actually pay his quote. It might end up being the most expensive web series ever, but damn it, it would be worth a shot.
  6. Best kisser?
    On the planet? I'm not sure. If I were friskier, I'd take a survey. As it is, I'm going to go with Clooney. He's had some practice, and he looks like he knows what he's doing by now.
  7. One thing you never leave the house without?
    Underwear. Apparently, this puts me in the minority here in Los Angeles.
  8. Do long distance relationships work?
    Yes. The less I see of the guy, the greater the chances are of it lasting.
  9. Who sleeps with you every night?
    The ghost of opportunities past seems to be joining me more and more.
  10. Sleep with or without clothes?
    With. Nobody needs to see me naked, including me.
  11. Have you ever internet stalked anyone?
    My lawyer would not characterize my activities that way, no.

Your turn.


Carey Hagan said...

These answers are so YOU it's hilarious. If you ever answer differently, I'll know you've been abducted by aliens. As far as Twitter, that's why I avoid all that stuff like the plague. BTW, how are the Duchovny marriage plans working out for ya?

Kate, Dating in LA said...

@Carey LOL! I wouldn't do that to the poor man. I think he's safe.

Helen said...

Dear Kate,
Happy New Year! May I suggest you make a resolution for the new year? I think you, Kate, should go on a date (coffee in broad daylight at a crowded Starbucks counts) with a man in 2012. Just one date. Otherwise, you're going to have to rename the blog Kate Talks About Dating, But Doesn't Actually Date--Not Even Once.
p.s. loved your answer to the ring question!

Kate, Dating in LA said...

@Helen, LOL! Can I pick any man in the world to be on that date with me? Because if that answer is yes, you've got yourself a deal.

Helen said...

Yes. As long as they go on the date with you. They have to agree to the date and attend the date. You, therfore, have to ask them on the date.