Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rain Delay

On a normal day from my past life, I would be very unhappy right about now. It is raining in Los Angeles—this never bodes well. People can't drive in it. I don't park close to my apartment, and I really have lost my tolerance for being out in it. If this had happened a year ago, I'd be slogging my way to my car, bitter that I couldn't wear jeans to work, trying to keep my heels from being destroyed, lamenting the early hour and wishing that I could curl up on the couch with a book and a blankie.

This year… DOING IT.

Forgive me for taking a moment and thinking "well, alright!" thoughts. I'm absolutely certain I'll be struck down with the plague for being able to enjoy the sound of the rain outside and wearing sweats. But… DOING IT.

Lest you be concerned that your solid, recent advice has been ignored, fear not. I am slowly working my way around the plan. I even went to the grocery store yesterday (shockingly painful, though it was). And because I did not procrastinate, I now have this day where I do not have to venture out in order to find a way to feed myself (and the poor pizza delivery guy will also not have to brave the hazards to find me).

In addition to getting down to the serious business of exploring my options, I'm trying a new mental approach. Don't worry—it's not very "Secrety." It's gratitude. I know this sounds outrageously positive for me, but I'm going to give it a shot. I am incredibly lucky to have this opportunity (not just the staying home when it rain parts, but the year off, in general). So many people have told me that they wish they had the ability to take a year and just do something else—even people who are relatively happy with their lives. While at the end of this year, I'm really going to need to have landed somewhere with an income, for right now this is a chance I should be grateful for having.

So, I'm going to try this approach and see what happens.

I give it a week.



Carey Hagan said...

If it's raining, then you have no excuse but to stay inside and write, even if it's just writing long letters to David Duchovny about why you'd make the best personal assistant/ghost writer/personal trainer/whatever for him. Here's the deal. Write at least 5 pages of a screenplay: if you can do this by 5 pm, I give you permission to reward yourself with a large pint of Guinness or some other rain-appropriate drink. It's the Irish way. And since when have _you_ ever been inside a grocery store? Gee, you're getting all middle-class/middle-aged on me, suddenly. This doesn't bode well.

bdkz said...

Good plan! Hey do they have Domino's Pizza in LA?

Kate, Dating in LA said...

@Carey LOL! Ok, I'll take this deal (though it might end up looking more book-ish than screenplay-ish). And it's true, I avoid shopping for groceries as much as possible. I need to find an alternative to web van STAT!

Kate, Dating in LA said...

@bdkz YES! Unfortunately for my ever expanding waistline, they do have them here. We're good friends.

Dee Murray said...

SOOOOOO incredibly jealous right now! Bankie, fake fireplace, 94.7 on the radio...good book....tea/coffee...something warm in the oven or crock pot...ahhhhh.....yeah...that is living large right there...happy sigh.

Helen said...

I slogged in through the rain this a.m., but mentally, I'm home under a blanket, fire going, good book, hot tea. Or whisky. Sigh.

B~ said...

finally my influence is rubbing off! affirmations are next... just watch :-0