Friday, July 10, 2009


A Friday should be a beautiful thing. A Friday afternoon, in particular, holds such promise. On a Friday afternoon, you should be able to look over the horizon and feel like you have days and days to do with what you will. You can stay up late and not fear that upon waking, you'll have to go to work. In short, Friday should just be joy.

You know what things don't indicate a joyful Friday?

  1. You should not find out that your pilot project got rejected thus trapping you forever in a job that no longer rings your bell (Hell, I can't find the bell. Was there a bell?)
  2. You should not then get an assignment at bell-less job that you should never have and only got because everyone else had the good sense to be on vacation and entirely unreachable.
  3. You should not then finally find a couple of minutes to check in with Facebook looking for solace only to be cruelly taunted by "People You Might Know" suggestions. Oh, and that suggestion shouldn't be The EX, but what it really shouldn't be is your Ex's new wife using a profile photo where she is holding their new baby.




Carrie said...

This might not make you feel completely better, but it'll make you laugh a whole damned lot:

Kate, Dating in LA said...

Carrie, that made me laugh my ass off (sadly, not literally off, as massive ass appears to be hanging on for dear life-- but laughing none-the--less).

Helen said...

Dear Facebook Gods,
WTF? You give us this beautiful device which allows us to stay connected to friends and even reconnect with old friends (provided our profile picture is an inanimate object so they can't see how far downhilll we've gone in the past few years). Clearly, you are evil geniuses. My question is, why, for the love of all that is holy, can't you build in an application that allows Facebook to intuit which people we never want to see pop up on our page? Is this really too much to ask?
p.s. Kate, I think you should seriously consider drinking more. Meanwhile, hang in there!

danielletbd said...

Well, in order to try to start seeing the positive in every situation (my new resolution-- mid way through the year when I realized I never made any New Years resolutions), look at it this way:

The pilot was only turned down from one place. Now you can start pursuing others. Think of that one place as your dream college; sure it hurts not to get in there because you think it would have been a perfect fit, but maybe you were wrong. Maybe one of your "safety schools" will end up giving you more freedom (and money).

Ouch on the new baby thing. I had a dream last night that my "one that got away" was married with a new baby, too, and I sincerely hope it's not some sort of omen. Every now and then I dream things that actually end up happening (so maybe I can dream the pilot will be you have a network you'd like me to work into said dream?).

Also: quit your job. When I get back to LA, it will give us so much more time to write (and write other things, too, so that when we go into a meeting with said fabulous dream network, we can answer the "what else ya got" and maybe even get a few balls in the air).

Anasazi said...

Baby? Holy s---

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