Friday, June 12, 2009

A Play in One Act

[Please enjoy the synopsis of my day today]



Kate: So, that's a "yes" then?

X: No.

Kate: So, the answer is "no"?

X: No.

[confused look]

Kate: So, that leaves…

X: Not a "no".

Kate: But if it's not a "no" then it's…

X: Not a "no".


Kate: hmm.

X: Indeed.


danielletbd said...

What? Who? That's so shitty. I hate that about this town/industry. People don't want to say no because they think it will be seen as negative and you may move onto something bigger and better. But they can't necessarily say yes (yet). So they leave you hanging...and hanging...but really, we're the fools for sticking around. Not a no really is just as negative, just in a passive aggressive way.

Phoenix Corner said...

I feel guilty that I've actually used those lines ... sorry!?

jojo said...

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Dee Murray said...

Nothing like solidifying the week with a definitive conversation like that! Sounds like a Mamet play - without the ducks!!