Friday, August 15, 2008

I Must Get Married

I have to get married. That much is clear now. Oh, not because of that companionship, biological clock and love crap. No, I must get married so I can have my very own version of this wedding cake.

I can’t express to you how much I love this website ( Apparently, this cake started a wedding cake trend when the pictures surfaced back in May. While clearly my blog is the best one on the entire internet, this site made me cry with laughter. I particularly like the pregnant chick cakes. Bring on the baby showers!

As for my own cake, I’m taking suggestions. I’m leaning toward my effigy without glasses, but I’m flexible. And I love the idea of you all celebrating my nuptials by cutting into a life-size version of me. Really, there is no better way to honor what I mean to each and every one of you. Sniff.

My friend Mich suggested that the best cake for me would be images of Mulder and Scully in flagrante delicto. I would have to agree on that. That cake would be quite something, and no doubt bring me fortune and the respect of my peers.

Come on guys… get a move on. I need to make this happen.


Dee Murray said...

LMAO!! I am CRYING I'm laughing so hard! I can't tell whether I'm more disturbed by the cake's very existance or the fact that this lovely bride conceived the idea ('cause you know it wasn't that poor groom!!)

Kate, Dating in LA said...

I can honestly say that it has never occurred to me to have my likeness recreated in cake. But now that I have seen the light, my groom is going to have the experience of his life!

Also love the cakes where the "artist" was just a tiny bit too literal with the instructions.

Helen said...

This site is tremendous. Some of the cakes are just sad because they're,well, ugly. Others, such as the baby shower cake for one Olivia, are seriously disturbing and wildly funny!

Kate, Dating in LA said...

LMAO!! Push it out! What every should see on a cake. :)