Thursday, May 01, 2008

Brief Injury Update

I just injured myself lying in an inert lump. I was completely motionless while watching a baseball game. When…WHAMO…I got a cramp in my foot.

No seriously, it was a blinding pain, almost as though my foot picked up on the vague suggestion of movement brought on by my breathing.

I’m fairly certain the end is near.


Helen said...

I think you need a long vacation. Sandy beach, ocean breeze, a pretty young boy to rub sunscreen on your back. No blackberries, no laptops. Seriously, your body seems to be threatening to go on strike!

Dee Murray said...

It starts....I've had those. Completely random, excruciatingly crippling, eye-watering pain. I feel for ya...once they start, they don't stop. One doctor told me I wasn't drinking enough water after I exercise because my muscles weren't oxygenated enough. LOL! Uh...exercise...? Good luck with that!