Tuesday, March 27, 2007

X-Files 2

X-Files 2 Negotiations Wrap This Week Says Duchovny!
Written by Robert Sanchez
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
The idea for a second X-Files film has been in the works for a long time. The IESB attended the TV Set press day today and spoke with David Duchovny about just that!
Back in 2005 Duchovny told IGN, "According to USA Today, Duchovny told reporters at the recent 10th Annual Critics' Choice Awards that he expected to shoot X-Files 2 some time this year or in early 2006. Elaborating on the project, the actor said it would not involve the alien conspiracy storyline that helped make the television series so popular. Instead, he stated, it would be a standalone supernatural horror film."
Well we know it obviously didn't happen, but things never happen quickly in Hollywood. Duchovny spoke about it briefly to the IESB today while promoting TV Set.
Duchovny says X-Files fans will have their second film after all! He revealed to the IESB that they were in final negotiations for the second X-Files film and should wrap this week. Plans are to start shooting in '08 or sooner!
If negotiations get nailed down this week as planned, it looks like he will once again fill the shoes of our favorite Special Agent, Fox Mulder.
IESB will keep you updated!

I saw this earlier, and I got a little giddy -- but in a controlled, totally non-geek, very cautiously optimistic, blase kind of giddy. Yep. That's me. Totally not even going to give this a second thought. Right now, for instance, totally not thinking about it. Not a bit. In fact, I haven't checked for any sort of official announcement from Fox in like... oh... minutes. Restraint, thy name is Kate.

I even know what the name of the movie will be: The X-Files 2: the Search for Kate's Love Life. Very scary stuff, indeed. In fact, I frequently refer to my love life as some sort of supernatural horror experience. Sure, not the stuff of Saw I, II, or III, but horror none-the-less.

So, in addition to getting me a date sometime this century, we have a new project. Get me onto this movie. Ok, two projects-- get the movie to the greenlight stage and then get me on it. I don't have to be the main love interest. I could be one of the lovely and appealing victims. Then Mulder will have to give me the kiss of life, and we can have a brief, but torrid affair. I'm completely fine with him then realizing that we can never be and moving back to Scully. That's fine. And if that doesn't work, an extra on the street as they run by is also fine. Really, one or the other-- love interest or random bystander. Both are good.

I need to get a life, you say? You forget-- this is LA. This is life out here. Unless they decide to film it in Canada. Then the movie will be called: "The X-Files 2, the Wrath of Kate".



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